Amanda Jasnowski
Spanish-born, Ohio-raised, Amanda Jasnowski is a photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. She has served as a guest editor for the Saachi Gallery Magazine Art & Music...
Cortney Cassidy
visual artist & designer & self-publishes her writing about being a girl on the internet. principle organizer & founder of CCOOLL.
Chris Golden
multidisciplinary creative with a focus on visual thinking and design.
Elevator Teeth
The art and illustration of Justin Fogle
Laurie Rollitt
Laurie is an artist from the UK and currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden, where he's studying a Masters in Visual Communication at Konstfack. Clients include...
Lydo Le
brooklyn-based photographer and emotional ramen girl.
Ola Onda
a husband and wife photography team, based in Los Angeles, CA, combining technical ability with creative vision to create images that are playful, imaginative, and...
Paul Windle
Los Angeles-based artist who works across a variety of media including illustration, graphic design and animation. Previously, Paul worked at Fox ADHD as a designer...
Rand Renfrow
Art Maker & Thing Doer. San Marcos, TX
Taylor Johnson
Illustrator and visual designer for Adult Swim
Dream Gurls
A group show featuring new works and performances from a circle of internet friends. A collaboration with CCOOLL. Amanda Jasnowski, Annie Wang, Cortney...
July 31-Aug 9 at Kornel in Antwerp, Belgium Hosted by Huis Haas. A risograph poster series with art by CCOOLL and co-released with Issue Press. Amanda...
Cider House Rules
CCOOLL for Fairweather Cider Co. featuring the apple-focused works of Ola Onda, Paul Windle, Rand Renfrow commissioned by a new cider company based in...
CCOOLL IRL LA POP UP June 19-21 2015 featuring the works of Paul Windle, Cortney Cassidy, Ola Onda, bfgf, Rand Renfrow, Taylor Johnson, Amanda Jasnowski,...